Solar Water Pumping System

Khanak Solar System offers solar water pumping solution with integration of SPV module, AC / DC VFD motor drives, and protection and control devices. The solar water pumping system is available for AC and DC pumps both. Existing running pump (single or three phases) can be connected to solar water pumping system. Battery backup facility is also available as an option. Khanak Solar system has developed rugged and reliable system to operate in village’s area in harshest environment conditions.

Working :

Solar Water Pumping system is a water lifting system powered by electricity generated by Solar panels. Using solar water pump is more economical where grid electricity is not available. There are two types of Solar Water Pumps, one is Submersible Solar Pump and another is Surface Solar Pump. Both pumps are available in DC and AC. Solar power feeds into VFD drives controller enables pump to run and to fetch water. Major components of Solar Water Pumping System: Solar Panels which generate power, Controller which controls the System and Motor Pump to lift the water. Solar water pumping system can be fitted for existing pump set very easily.

Key Features

  • Quick Payback – When offsetting diesel use, solar water pumps offer faster payback compared to other applications of solar energy.
  • Negligible Maintenance Cost – A properly installed solar pump has negligible maintenance costs. Over the 25 years average life of the system, there are minimal replacement costs.
  • Sustainable And Pollution Free – By counterbalancing dependence on diesel, solar pumps significantly contribute in reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Battery Free Operation – Solar pumping is the perfect marriage between the availability of solar power and the time at which pumping is required thereby removing the need for energy storage and batteries.
  • Range available from 1 HP to 10 HP for different water fetching capacity and depth of bore water.
  • Protection available: Over Current, Over & Low voltage, dry run, overflow, polarity, auto switching to grid etc.

Solution from Khanak Solar System

  • Both type of solution AC and DC
  • Single Phase and Three Phase power connection.
  • From 1 HP to 100 HP


Green house, Fountain pumps, Pool pumps, Transfer pumps, Circulation pumps in ponds, Providing water for livestock, Irrigation pumps, Home pumps, horticulture farms, village water supply, for agriculture, micro-irrigation, hotels and resorts and other similar applications.

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