Solar On grid System

Khanak Solar System offers various range of solutions based on applications and electrical connections. In its portfolio, Khanak Solar System offers various solutions based on different applications: Solar On Grid System, Solar Off Grid Solar System, Hybrid Solar system, Solar Water pump system etc.

Solar Grid Tied System is also known as “On Grid” or “Grid connected System”. A grid-tied solar panel system is simply a solar energy system that is connected to the electrical grid and, therefore, uses electricity from both the solar panel system and the electrical grid. Because of this, a grid-tied solar system doesn’t have to meet all of the electricity demands of the customer load.

Khanak Solar System offers Grid Tied Solar System with integration of Solar PV modules and Grid Tied Inverters or Micro Inverters with monitoring and controlling devices. Khanak Solar System integrates pre-assembled and factory tested power center including AC and DC disconnections, Ground fault protection, Solar Panel mounting structure, MC cables, and Battery enclosure. Optional net metering facility is also available on request.

Working of Grid tied System

  • When sunlight hits the solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, electricity (or ‘solar energy’) is produced.
  • The electricity then runs from the solar panels through an solar inverter. The inverter turns the power from direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC), which you can then use for any type of electrical load at your house and / or factory.
  • If the appliances in your premise are turned on while solar power is being produced, the power runs through the switchboard and the solar power is sent to your loads.
  • Any appliances that are AC powered can use the solar power, including lights, fans, computers, home appliances, industrial machines etc.
  • If electrical loads are switched off, or if excess solar power is being produced, the power gets sent to the grid which is measured by an export meter.  Your electricity retailer applies credits in exchange for the energy you produce.  During the night, when your solar power system is not producing energy, you will draw power from the grid, which you can pay for with credits earned from exporting solar power during the day.
  • In case backup is required, battery can be installed as per demand of backup hours.

Key Features

Khanak Solar System offers Solar Grid Ties EPC solution with recognized quality of solar panels, solar inverters and balance of system. We stringently control the entire integration process, ensuring best performance and optimum energy generation from system.

  • Easy Installation, Easy Operation, Minimal Maintenance.
  • Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter with inbuilt energy generation record and remote access facility.
  • Configurable battery charging current based on applications.
  • Compatible for synchronization to mains voltage or generator power.
  • Auto restart while AC is recovering.
  • Smart battery charger and discharge control for optimized battery performance.
  • Cold Start Function
  • Fulfils power requirement for any types of load – lights, fans, appliances, industrial machines, motors etc.
  • Generates Power and Supplies even when electricity is there, exports access power to Grid.
  • Protects against overload, short circuit, battery deep discharge / overcharge and output over voltage.
  • Available in wide range: from 1 KW to few hundred KW .
  • Optional battery backup from few hours to days.

Solution From Khanak Solar System

  • 1 KW, 2KW, 5 KW, 10 KW, 15 KW, 20 KW, 25 to 100 KW
  • Customized required size range  from 101 KW to 999 KW.
  • Large scale in MW size

Benefits of On Grid Roof top solar system

  • Low cost solar power reduces electricity cost.
  • Highly reliable and hence requires very low maintenance.
  • Easier to install as it does not need battery bank.
  • System performance life is more than 25 years.
  • Efficiency ledge against inflation in Grid electricity tariff.
  • Green generation helps reducing carbon foot print.


Residential Complexes, Villa and Row Houses, Office Spaces, Industries, Schools and Colleges, Hostels, Hospitals, Institutions, Eateries & Lodges, Places of Worship, Convention Centers, Farm Houses etc.

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