Solar PV Module Mounting System

Khanak Solar System is a reliable name when it comes to buy world class Solar PV Mounting Systems. Designed by professionals, the Solar PV Mounting Systems available with us are used in a variety of solar power applications including commercial, industrial, government, utility and residential. Made as per the client’s design, our Solar PV Mounting Systems are compatible with all panel sizes, with or without frame. The PV fastenings used in this mounting process are made from hot-dip galvanized steel or eventually are in combination with aluminum. Further, stainless or galvanized steel is used as a connecting material. Widely acknowledged by the clients, our Solar PV Mounting Systems are the best choice available in the markets.

Key Features

  • Save cost with easily sourced schedule 40 or 80 steel pipe.
  • Accommodates either 2” or 3” implementations.
  • Supports ballasted or embedded foundation applications.
  • Key attachment components are cast steel providing extra strength.
  • Multiple panel configurations for optimizing specific site conditions.
  • No drilling or welding required during installation process.

Solar Mounting System

Solar Mounting System Structures

Solution from Khanak Solar System

  • 1X type, 2X type and 3X type structures
  • For terrace mounting, Ground Mounting , rooftop
  • Options for Portrait and Landscape installation
  • GI and Aluminum – both options
  • Profiles with all accessories
  • BOX type, C channel, pre galvanized, Round pipes


Ground mounted installation, Rooftop installation, RCC terrace installations, Raised and elevated structure, Aluminum for chemical zone

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