Solar Hybrid System (Solar Grid Interactive System)

Solar Grid Interactive system is a unique solution by Khanak Solar System for sites having power outage problems and unstable Grid connection. Solar Grid interactive system has three major components: Solar PV module, Solar PCU and Battery bank. Solar PCU has three inputs: Grid power, Solar power and Battery. Solar PCU plays very important and active role in function of system. Since solar PCU is connected to Grid, it has not to fulfill full load demand of that site. This system also knows as Solar hybrid system.

Working of System

Solar Grid interactive system continuously interacts with Grid and feeds power to load from solar or battery according to status of Grid. Its inverter has multi-mode of operation. This solution provides high value of functional reliability to load. In case of Grid does not exist, customer can opt for generator power as Grid power.

  • At stage Grid and solar both are present, system gives priority to solar power to feed load. However, if load demand is more that generated solar power, PCU synchronizes with Grid and takes required balance power from Gird to feed load. System charges battery simultaneously.
  • At stage solar power is down, PCU feeds loads from Grid.
  • At stage solar and Grid both are not available (outage during night hours) PCU automatically shifts on battery and feeds loads.

Key Features

Khanak Solar System offers Solar Interactive Solution with recognized quality of solar panels, solar PCU, battery bank and balance of system. Khanak Solar System stringently controls the entire installation process, ensuring best performance and optimum utilization of power to load.

  • Easy Installation, Easy Operation, Minimal Maintenance.
  • Pure Sine Wave Solar PCU with inbuilt multimode operations.
  • Configurable battery charging current based on size of battery bank.
  • Compatible for synchronization to mains voltage or generator power.
  • Auto restart while Grid is recovering.
  • Smart battery charger and discharge control to optimize battery performance.
  • Cold Start Function, auto switching from Grid to Solar and Battery to Grid switching operation.
  • Fulfils power requirement for any types of load at different types of site.
  • Protects against overload, short circuit, battery deep discharge / overcharge and output over voltage.

Solution from Khanak Solar System

  • From 1 KW to few KW
  • Optional battery backup: From few minutes to few hours


Communication tower / room load, Electronic equipments, critical load operation, House load, commercial load, home lighting system.

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