Khanak Solar System offers complete turnkey EPC solutions and services for solar power plants. If your objective is to derive the maximum out of your Solar Power plant, a perfect design is indispensable. As your service provider, Khanak Solar System helps you with an efficient and robust engineering solution that controls losses, improves efficacy and maximizes generation. We consult you at every stage of the solar PV plant development that includes selecting the optimal site, a robust and efficient plant design and selection of appropriate technology.

Single line diagram systematically represents the intricate electrical connections of the solar panels, inverter, MPPT, etc. We consider the DC/AC ratio, number of earthing, number of LA and number of Ac-DC box. This is solely dedicated to provide the technical peculiarities in detail for the EPC team to execute the electrical connections with precision.

Different types of SLDs are incorporated in overall system design covering sections – LT Panels, AC Supply, DC Supply, and Distribution Line. SLD based on industrial standards provides guided roadmap for execution team.

Detailed PV and Cable layout is composed of various parameters covering solar panels string connections, DC and AC cables connections, junction box and string box layouts. Cable scheduling layout design estimates the perfect required length of DC and AC cables, solar panels quantity, junction box and string box quantity, MC4 connectors. It helps to avoid extra stock of materials on the site and save materials wastage. Moreover, it will help project for any delay due to materials unavailability. It is very useful team for installation team for proper cable laying and solar panel connections.

Axial Force and Shear Force (Major and Minor Axis) diagrams are made after we simulate the atmosphere in latest software with entire power plant structure using civil engineering concepts. We make sure our robust and accurate design use less material and give assurance of stability in any weather conditions.
On special request from customer, Stadd Pro simulation services also provided. Structural layout drawings includes various parameters covering – structural installation layout, overall area, sectional layout details and fixing accessories details.

To protect the solar power plant from lightning and other electrostatic charges, proper earthing and lightning arresters are key components. At the same time these components will add additional cost in power plant. We provide the perfect solution that can take care of the cost and the safety of solar power plant at the same time.
Earthing and LA layout comprises of location of earthing pits, LA location, type and quantity of earthings. It is useful tool for execution team during installation at site. It also provides estimated BOQ for overall earthing and LA. Compliance to standard is one of outcome of this tool.

We provide complete list of all the required components including even every single screw. This can help you to present a unique quotation for the procurement instantly.  Finding the cost of solar power plant will be easier and effective. BOM contains detailed technical specifications of each components or device of the project. This is very useful tool for procurement team working for project. BOM also describes compliance to standards for each component of project. This is also useful input for project cost workout.

We use latest software while designing the solar power plant. Detailed power generation report is provided by temperature, soil reports, efficiency of inverter, and length of DC/AC cables. Graph of power generation can effectively tell the ROI time.
This is very useful tool for customer to project forecasted generation over the life cycle of the solar project. There some site related inputs for this simulation software covering – tilt angle, orientation of panel installation, type of structure – fixed or tracking, type of panels etc. It also inputs data from historical metrological data base.

Khanak System offers Annual Maintenance Contract for solar power plant. Based on capacity of solar power plant, installation type, site conditions, various types of AMC are offered to customers. Cleaning of solar panels is also taken care for cleaning of system. AMC is executed with supports from skilled technical and filed workers. We have developed Android application in which online monitoring of AMC is provided.

Khanak Solar System offers Installation and Commissioning Contract for solar power plant. We have skilled and trained staff related to this job. We offer I & C services as per scope agreement with client – with or without materials. Our project management team provides their services for professionally monitoring and controlling of I & C.

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