ATUM – The Electric Roof

With collaboration with M/S Visaka Industries Ltd., Khanak Solar System offers ATUM The Electric Roof, which is unique product in which solar panel is embedded into cement composite board.
Unlike other solar panels which need to be separately mounted upon a racking system and placed on the truss, Atum is both – the roof and the solar panel. It provides a sleek and simpler integrated solar roof system that increases energy generation by 20%.

A breakthrough invention in the field of sustainable energy, Atum is an Integrated Solar Roofing System that serves all the functions of a traditional roof, whilst generating energy for you. A solar industry in India, we manufacture integrated solar panels with a cement base. It reduces thermal conductivity better than a traditional roof while enhancing the appearance of your roof.

Key Features:

  • Solar Board with a density of 1250kg/cum thus increasing lifespan
  • Increased efficiency due to thermal conductivity of 0.072 W/mtK
  • Thermal Insulation reduces the temperatures by 35-40%
  • Customizable sizes for larger orders
  • Partnerships with battery and inverter  manufacturers to make the process faster and  easier
  • Can be used on the building faced to gain  maximum surface area and increase efficiency
  • Recover your investment in just 5 years


Voltage Range 36 VDC
Range 320Wp

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